Benefit Cliffs Calculator

Use this tool to see how your benefits may change when your earnings change.

You will:

1. Enter basic information about your household.
2. Enter how your earnings will change. You can change how many hours you work, or your hourly wage, or both.
3. Answer more questions about your household.
4. See how your resources, benefits, and expenses will change.
5. Find out what to do next.

Note: This tool does not work for all households. It will not be accurate if your household includes any of these:
- People currently without housing
- People age 65 or older
- People who receive Medicare or Social Security benefits
- Children who receive federal or state disability benefits
- Young adult students on SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
- More than 5 children
- More than 4 adults
- People convicted of a felony that may result in ineligibility for benefits
- Foster children
- Children only, with no adult household members
- Current or former military service members
- Someone whose spouse died in the last two years
- People who qualify for programs supporting American Indian populations
- Two or more married couples living together
- A married person whose spouse does not live in the household

If your household has any of these, do not use this tool. Call the XXX office at xxx-xxx-xxxx to find out how your benefits may change or ask your case manager.

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