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Income Converter

Enter one of the following values -- annual income (in dollars), percent of the federal poverty guideline (%FPG), or percent of state median income (%SMI) -- and the Income Converter will return the other two values.


Last Updated in June 2017

1. FPG: Federal poverty guideline issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2. SMI: State median income as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau; median income is the income level at which half of the population's income is higher and half is lower.


Federal Poverty Guideline (FPG)

The Income Converter uses the federal poverty guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The guidelines vary by family size and are based on prices in effect the previous year. For example, the 2016 poverty guidelines are based on prices in calendar 2015. The poverty guidelines are the same across the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia, but higher guidelines apply in Alaska and Hawaii.

The federal poverty guidelines are used for administrative purposes, such as determining financial eligibility for benefit programs. For statistical purposes, another version of the federal poverty measure is used: the federal poverty thresholds, issued by the U.S. Census Bureau. The poverty thresholds are the basis for the demographic analysis available on this web site.

State Median Income (SMI)

The Income Converter uses U.S. Census Bureau estimates of state median income by family/household size from the most recently available, one-year American Community Survey (ACS) file. For family sizes of one, the Income Converter uses household data. For family sizes of two to five members, the Income Converter uses family data.